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Dystopian Wars


This is my first forum battlereport of a game I played yesterday. We'd decided on a 1250 pt game and no more than one dread was allowed on each side. I played EotBS and my opponent fielded his trusty KoB force.



The lists looked like this:


1 Dreadnought (2x shields)
1 x 3 Cruisers (with experienced engineers)
2 x 4 Frigates
1 x 4 Destroyers
2 x Battleship + 1 escort each
2 x 5 Fighters
1215 pts total


1 Hachiman dreadnought (w shield) + 1 escort
1 x 2 Ikas
1 x 3 Gunships
2 x 4 Destroyers
1 x 5 Corvettes
1 x 3 Inari
1 x 5 Fighters
1 x 5 Torpedo Bombers
1245 pts total

We rolled for objectives and both of us needed to destroy the other player's small vessels and 50% of his force.

(With KoB setting up first the start of the game looked like this.)


 The Game  

The KoB destroyers moved forwards, but failed to do any damage to the EotBS gunships.

I then moved my Inari towards his Battleships keeping them obscured. Because the last Inari couldn't get cover from an island, I decided to point its broadside rockets towards the destroyers in the middle. The Inari remained obscured because this wasn't a serious attempt. I needed 6's to hit... In the end I ended up with 6 of them and although the destroyers valiantly tried to take out the rocket barrage, taking out 4 of them, the target destroyer disappeared beneath the waves in a blazing inferno.

A couple of activations later having produced no results. Even 12 dice worth of rockets from the Tanukis vs destroyers had no effect. The Brittish didn't even need Ack Ack. The Hachiman stepped up the game though, and 9 dice of rockets sank another destroyer. Despite the proximity of the commodore they had had enough and broke (failing to rally at the end of the turn as well).

The 2 squadrons of Yurgi destroyers had a field day of it, destroying 3 Attacker frigates in turn 1, breaking 1 squadron.

(Things were looking grim for the Brittish, but by no means a lost cause.)

Turn 2 saw more frigate anihhilation and appaling die rolling by my opponent. 2 battleships decided that my central destroyer unit was too dangerous and opened fire: linked front turrets against 1 and torpedoes against another. Between them they only managed to destroy a single destroyer and a single hit on another!

The destroyers decided that acting was the better part of valour and before the 2nd Battleship could fire, they destroyed the remaining 2 frigates from the broken squadron. The far left destroyers took out their 2nd frigate.

On the other side, the brittish destroyers lost another member and the final destroyer was quickly dispached by Fujin corvettes who also damaged a cruiser.

The Brittish had one run of luck. The Majesty came forward firing 18 dice worth of turrets at the Hachiman in RB3. This resulted in 17 hits and with me failing shield rolls his first crit was a fact handing out a hard pounding. In the following turn his Majesty had taken a hit from my Tanukis and fired 18 more turret dice from RB2. This resulted in a whopping 28 hits! Needless to say I failed shield rolls once more and the Hachiman ate a double crit resulting in 1/2 AD and 1/2 MV. The Hachimans own attacks previously had failed due to some uncharactaristic bad die rolling on my part.

In the rest of turn 3 my centre destroyers (now 3) activated before his battleships could finish their work. They were on a roll and managed a crit on the centre most battleship. The battleship responded with activating and blasting 2 destroyers (1 of which already damaged). Unfortunately for him this is what the Inaris had been waiting for and descended from cloud cover. Ack Ack from 2 battleships + escorts only managed a single hit. The bombing run critted one BB and gunnery critted the other.

When the second battleship activated (having received 1 crit) it could only manage to damage 1 destroyer! EotBS torpedo bombers are lethal. Especially against damaged ships. So after AA shot down 1 token, the other 4 put another crit on the already heavily damaged Battleship. Things were looking really bleak by now and Brittania certainly wasn't ruling the waves.

(Only 2 frigates and 2 escorts were left of the Brittish small fleet and 1 battleship was certain to be sunk.)

In the last part of turn 3 the tanukis swung aroung the island, sending their rockets over the submerged Ikas and putting the floating wreckage that had been a Battleship out of its misery. Corvettes came up and put 11 hits on a cruiser, just 1 short of destroying it. The dice gods were relentless though and a double 1 on the crit roll sealed its fate anyway.

At the start of turn 4 I had enough points to win if I took out the 4 remaining small models.

The Inaris bombed the escort from the destroyed battleship successfuly and the far destroyer squadron destroyed 1 escort and 1 frigate and boarded the last frigate ending the game.



This wasn't so much of a battle but more of a slaughter. The brittish managed to destroy 3 destroyers and 1 corvette. That was it! If it hadn't been for the severely damaged Hachiman, he wouldn't even have reached 200 VP.

On my side the destroyers and the Inari were the stars of the show. The destroyers took out 2 frigate units, 1 escort and critted a battleship. The Inaris took out 1 destroyer, 1 escort and put 2 crits on battleships.

I made a mistake deploying my Ikas. They are really slow and you can't react to the battle much. I should have deployed them closer to the Majesty dread and used a corvette as speed bump to slow that down at a key moment.

The Hachiman got pounded this game, but given the rolls that it faced that was just Lady Luck giving a little bit back to the Brittish after having taken away so much. I do think that it doesn't stand much chance against an enemy dread without some serious help. Shielding it with other ships (Tanukis come to mind) could be a trick that could work. I will be trying that next time.