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Glory or Dishonour 2010
March 6 & 7th 2010

Last year a few members of  Militia Brabantia got together and decided that they would like to organize a WAB tournament for the club. And enough said, they held a tournament and had some visitors from outside of the club as well. The tournament was small but with great atmosphere. And at the end of the day we all felt that we had a terrific time and that this was something worth repeating . After some more tournaments at the Beast in Evesham (Hot Lead) and the tournament at Strasbourg plans were made for a bigger version and more players in 2010.

The first battle commences when armies meet across a turbulent river.

And on 6 and 7 March they delivered. With ’they’ I mean Richard, Kees, Dennis and Arvid. The meeting place was in a very nice room in the village of Uden. The room was well lit and had a lot of space to facilitate all the players. And best of all the room had a bar with very affordable prices. This year would see not only the regular WAB players of the club but also a host of other WAB enthusiasts from other parts of the country as well as players from Belgium, France and the UK. The events took place on two days but unfortunately some players could only come one day, some only on Saturday, others only on Sunday.

The Dark Ages Tournament knew some
hard fought battles for possession of a village.

Everybody that entered the warzone got a package. It contained a score sheet, a colour print that stated that you were a participant in Glory or Dishonour 2010, a copy of Ancient Warfare (a donation from the publisher) and a traditional Dutch wooden shoe key ring ‘De Klomp’ with the logo of Militia Brabantia . When I arrived most participants were already there and after some handshakes and conversation with friends from abroad the games began.

Romans against Greeks or:
pilum against sarissa, legionair against hoplite,
phalanx against manipel.

These Romans try to engage the phalanx in a testudo formation.

The tournament consisted of two themes, an Ancients tournament and a Dark Age tournament. Normally I go for the Dark Age Version but this time I wanted to have a go with the old ones. I went for the Early Imperial Romans which I lent from Kees and the fight was on. My first battle would be against the only female participant Petra who attacked my Romans with a Byzantine army. Her staff slings reigned terror on my auxiliaries which died in droves or fled the field leaving which left my legionnaires outnumbered by the enemy and harassed on all sides.

Streetfights in Greece when Spartans and Athenians collide.

Chaotic fighting in the streets of a Greek city.

Time for lunch. There were plenty of hot and warm sandwiches which were made by Wendy, Blanca and Danielle the true backbone of the organization.


My second match was against Jasper and he attacked me with some mean Greeks. Again my auxiliaries were slaughtered and while one unit of Romans was chasing some small units across the field it was clear that the Greeks had won the day. I did manage to wipe out a unit of Greeks while the radio played the Ace of Spades from Motörhead so the gods must have favored me at that point. The defeat put a smile on my face as I had lost from a very well painted army.

My last match of the day was against a successor army from Fred and although it looked like I might have some success (taking out a chariot and threatening his phalanx with a charge from the side and rear with my Cavalry he beat me to it with a charge by his heavy horse against my Veterans which were killed to a man. Unfortunately it also contained my Army general which led to a widespread panic. The end of a very nice matches but no points so far.

And Dinner.

 Sunday started with a game against Paul who had some very, very, very fast Mongols. We had a big clash of cavalry and the winner was Paul. Without the support of horsemen of their own my Romans made a tactical retreat from the field. Hmmm, that left me with four lost battles. Would I dare return home? Most games were fairly quickly finished that morning. Might that have something to do with the Saturday evening meal and some drinks?

There was one battle that morning that lasted a very long time and drew a lot of attention. It was between grand master Martin Gibbins and Richard. At various times Richard would blow a horn and shout “Charge” or “Fall Back!!”. It ended in a hard fought victory by Richard which could easily have gone the other way.

Richard and Martin don't give in one inch.

A Triple; three against three in the Dark Ages.

 Time to put Richard with both his legs firmly on the ground. Dennis and me fought a double match against Richard and his brother Don which entered in a very exciting match which a very surprising ending in which Dennis and me broke the complete centre of Don and Richard. Alas this last match did not count for the results but we had some great fun.

A Double in the Ancient Tournament.

Time for the awards and trophies, and man there were some. There was a lot donated by Gripping Beast, Grand Manner, Commitatus figurines and Ancient Warfare Magazine.

Thanks Guys!!!

Say: "(Dutch) Cheese!!!"



First place Ancients: Richard

Best Painted Army: Jasper Oorthuys

Most Sympathetic Player: Paul Wallis


First place Dark Age: Yannick Meyer

Best Painted Army: Bob Lorton

Most sympathetic Player: Wayne ...

Yannick almost collapsing under the throphies he won.

The atmosphere was good, the matches hard fought but friendly, the food and drink was nice so onward to Glory or Dishonour 2010. Oh did I mention that being very last with absolutely no points at all gave me earned me a price as well. A very beautiful archer tower from Grand Manner, Thanks Dave.

Joop Wagemaker



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