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Glory or Dishonour 2012

March 10 & 11




  Militia Brabantia organises

Wargames Club, Militia Brabantia, invites you for our second Open Warhammer Ancient Battles tournament. We are especially inviting the wargames clubs in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. But players not united into a club are of course also very welcome!

We expect quite a lot players from abroad, so all rules and scenarios will be available in English.


  Where & when?

The Tournament will be held in the village of Uden in Noord-Brabant in the Netherlands. Uden lays between Eindhoven and Den Bosch along the new A50 highway.

It will be held on Saturday the 10th or March and Sunday the 11th of March.



10:00 till 12:00 game 1.

12:00 till 13:00 lunch.

13:00 till 15:00 game 2.

15:30 till 17:30 game 3 and end of day 1.

19:00 diner (own expense)


10:00 till 12:00 game 4.

12:00 till 13:00 lunch.

13:00 till 15:00 game 5.

15:00 till 15:30 prices, final chit chats and alas, farewells…….

On Saturday we will go to a restaurant. You are invited to join us.
(Costs for the restaurant are not included in the entry fee.)



The campaigns  

Participants will be requested to sent there army list upfront to the organization.

On Saturday we will be playing three games and on Sunday we plan to play one game for the competition, followed by a larger multiplayer game for fun.

We will have some ten interesting scenarios set up for you. So do not expect only simple pitched battles!

The scenarios we will play will be made available a few weeks before the tournament.


The Armies  

The armies will be 1500 points. There are a few armies that Militia Brabantia can lend to the players. But they are limited, so please inform us as soon as possible if you want to use these. We play with  25/28mm painted figures.

This year we will try to run three different tournaments. The medieval tournament will only be held with sufficient applications. With insufficient participants it will be possible to register for any of the other two tournaments (a few armies for borrowing are available if needed).

In the event of any new supplement releases they will be added to the lists and replace older versions if needed.

AoA2 is allowed. Although the points system is not in line with the older supplements, but in Glory or Dishonour 2012 they will also be 1500 pts max.


The Ancients Tournament:

Time period: 490 BC up to 476 AD. The classical world from the Persian wars up until the fall of the West Roman Empire.

-Old Armies of Antiquity book (Greeks)

-Alexander the Great and his successors


-Fall of the West

-Hannibal and the Punic Wars

-Romans and barbarians from the rulebook 
 WAB 2.0

Please note that we allowed for players to enter armies which are drafted from the Mercenary list from the Alexander supplement!


The Dark Ages Tournament:

Time period: 476 AD to 1066 AD. After the fall of the West Roman Empire until the battle of Hastings.


-El Cid

-Age of Arthur

Only 1 frenzy unit per army, no crossbows, no lances. Secondly if an army from the Age of Arthur supplement faces off against an army from either the Shieldwall or El Cid supplement, than the units from Age of Arthur will have warband rules 1,2 and 3 as suggested in the Age of Arthur supplement by the authors.

The Medieval Tournament:

Time period: 1066 AD to 1500 AD. Early and late medieval period.

-Age of Chivalry

-Vlad the Impaler




We hope to welcome a few companies too. Ancient Warfare and Comitatus Figurines have attended the tournament in previous years.



Food & Drinks  

Included into the entry fee will be a lunch on both days, and some drinks. We will present you with some typical Dutch snacks during the day.

There is a bar and a snack-bar in the building to prevent you from dying of thirst or hunger if the food we provide is not enough.

On Saturday we will go to a restaurant. You are invited to join us.
(Costs for the restaurant are not included in the entry fee.)



We have made you a list of hotels and B&B’s in or in the vicinity of Uden. Some are quite expensive so check the prices! The hotels in Eindhoven are the cheapest ones but you’ll need to drive about 20 kilometres to Uden.



  How to get to Uden 

For people arriving by train or airplane, we will gladly pick you up and drive you to your hotel or B&B. But please let us know in advance so we can work out a schedule.

At the bottom is a list of things worth seeing in the vicinity of Uden. So if you are planning on staying longer go visit these great sites!

Places of interest around Uden:






The address:

The "Kom in" buurthuis
Germenzeel 800
5403 XD  Uden
The Netherlands



Playing Warhammer Ancient Battles is a lot of fun. We want to reward the people that excel in one or more of the following important aspects of the hobby.

The prizes are paid from the entry fee and from the donations of our sponsors (notably Comitatus, Gripping Beast, North Star figures, Ancients Warfare / WSS (wargames, Soldiers and Strategy) and Dave Thomas).

But having a good time is always more important than winning. That will be an important part of this weekend.

On Sunday, after the last battle, we will claim a few minutes to honour the winners and hand of their prizes.

(Dave Thomas Ebay shop)



The entry is 25 euro.



Entry will close on the 1st of February 2012. There is only place for about 35 players. So react as soon as possible!


Fair Play  

We are surely looking forward to this tournament. And we will try to do everything to give you a nice weekend. We will keep the following in mind:

We play for fun. A Battle is only played well when both players have had a nice time.

When in doubt about a situation on the game board think if it would have been possible in a real situation. Ask the referee if you can not work things out.

Use the errata from Warhammer Historical:




The information about the tournament in a PDF document:





 Warhammer Historical Toernooi
'Glory or Dishonour 2011'

 Warhammer Historical Toernooi
'Glory or Dishonour 2010'

 Warhammer Historical Toernooi
'Glory or Dishonour 2009'



Are you up to the challenge… ?               


On behalf of Militia Brabantia,

 Dennis Klinkenberg

Frank Houkes

Paul Rebel

Richard Evers


For further information check:



                                                                                      For questions: